Monday, July 13, 2009

Castroville, a quinceañera, and a kelp forest

Hello all!

Saturday morning was split here in Monterey by the Bay. Marine Biology and Conservation students cruised the famous 17-mile drive then roamed the streets of Carmel before returning to campus to research specific projects. The students are growing excited about developing their On Assignment projects for the remainder of the week.

The Photography group had a major editing/archiving/work flow session with Ed Kashi. Then the students showed four selects from their previous days' work and Ed and the instructors led a critique session. Nothing like having one of the world's best documentary photographers offer advice on how to improve our images! In the afternoon they headed to Castroville to photograph a day in the life on Main Street. Highlights included a quinceañera, a five-piece band setting up on the sidewalk, and many interactions with locals.

Then to the big show... the whole group met, after eating a tasty Mexican dinner at 'The Whole Enchilada', at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for roller coasters, funhouses, funnel cakes, deep-fried twinkies, a beach sunset, and a heavy dose of West Coast Americana!

Sunday began early for the Marine Biology & Conservation On Assignment group. They suited up and dove into the kelp forest of Monterey Bay for an 8 AM snorkeling session. The visibility was decent and the wet suits thick so the group spent plenty of time in the watery jungle.

Photography students slept in and rolled down the coast to Big Sur with Ed Kashi. We made great images in the quickly changing fog and sun and wind. It was quite a dynamic landscape. Next we curved all the way to Andrew Molera State Park for a short hike and a windy beach session. In the afternoon we said goodbye to Ed who was inspiring, energetic, smiling, and full of stories and lessons that go far beyond photography. We'll miss him.

More soon,
The NGSE crew at Monterey Bay